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All services are operated free of charge to facilitating establishments.Operational since 2006 we are the market leaders in the UK providing secure facsimile communication between Prisoners, Patients, Detainees and those held in custody. New services also enable monies to be transmitted securely direct to prisons.

Unilink Technology Services are pleased to say that they support Prison Charites and, being a successful UK Company, pay UK Corporation Tax. 

Email a Prisoner Service (EMAP) - At the time (2006) this brand new service was introduced into HMP Guys Marsh as an alternative tool to help maintain family ties which sadly often breakdown once a family member is imprisoned. Our service now covers 96% of UK prisons and to date documentation continually states communication is a vital asset in the fight to reduce re-offending because prisoners are 6 times less likely to re-offend if healthy family ties can be maintained.

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Email a Detainee (EMAD)
Introduced in 2008 the Email a Detainee service is again proving a vital communication life line for FNP's (Foreign National Prisoners) and their families. This service has truly opened the lines of communication for this group as our service is not subject or restricted to geographical boundaries or time zones. With the rise of the FN population in prisons this and additional services are the way to ensure these people are catered for.
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National Offender Management We received a positive evaluation from the National Offender Management Services (NOMS) who continue to assistance and show their support as we progress & advance services throughout the Prisons Estate. Click here to view summary report.

2010 saw the introduction of our text to email service we became the market leaders in the UK regarding facsimile communication during the transmitting of prisoner correspondence from family and friends of prisoners and detainees. 

Newer Services


2011 - This service enables prisoner payments to be made direct to the prisons' bank account meaning prisoner monies can be deposited in a convenient manner without the usual hassles of clearance times, the time saved processing and reconciliation of prisoner payments and, the efficient and cost savings gained plus, the added security benefits means this service is proving highly popular for all concerned parties.


2012 - This service will commence Oct/Nov 12 and is exclusively for patients held in secure accomm. Working together with NHS Trusts this new service combines the power of email as an additional communication tool for those corresponding with patients.

 Latest offerings

  • E-Booking solution - This free service will enable visits to secure and open establishments to be completed via email.
  • Two way email service -  A service that will allow the recipient to respond via email. Please be aware recipients held in secure facilities DO NOT have access to email/ a computer.
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