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Our email services enables the user to send messages to prisoners in prisons that operate our service from any computer, without any of the hassles of writing and posting a letter plus, it costs less than a second class stamp!

The messages are encrypted then reformatted before transferred to the establishment of choice. Messages are vetted as per prison requirements before delivered to the recipient by staff in the next delivery. It is free to sign up and only takes a few seconds.

Once a member customers can send a message to secure establishments that operate our service, provided you know their name, prisoner number and establishment at just 35 pence per message.

The service is free to secure establishments and has become a tool utilised by families, friends various Help & Resettlement Agencies, Probation Staff, Court Services, Councillors, Housing Advice, Youth Offending Teams, Prison Visitors, Social Services, Educational bodies as well as Employment services. Even the police have accounts.

Implementing service is straight forward with nil equipment to install or maintain meaning your establishment could be 'live' within 48 hours. There is NO COST to prisons and/or secure accommodation facilities plus, feedback by prison staff states the service is well received by all concerned parties and has become an invaluable tool in the processing of prisoner communication

There are no envelopes to search, security is enhanced, and messages can quickly be processed as there is no dodgy hand writing to read. This alone assists the whole processing procedures and we know from experience this leads to time saving during the whole processing procedure.

Security is always paramount therefore we have several features in place that you lose by sending a letter the traditional way. We have a complete and comprehensive audit trail from sender to recipient and we developed a ‘Management’ section which allows staff members to monitor correspondence as they see fit at the same time giving the ability to reprint messages.

The principle of these services is to facilitate communications between the outside world and the sometimes-uncomfortable world within our prisons as hassle free as possible. Our tried and tested service is adaptable to suit all environments and a necessity for all connected with secure establishments

To commence operations at your establishment we simply require a Functional Mail Box (FMB)