Our History & Founder

UTS was formed and founded in 2006 by our current CEO Derek Jones.

Derek (a former prisoner) realised the need to combine communication tools used daily in the modern world into our prison systems. He has undoubtedly proved that change is needed and technology can be used securely in a manageable format without fear.

Since 2007 he has driven the company forward and have since become the main supplier of facsimile communication services to prisons and secure establishment in the UK. Now in our fifth year of operations we are the market leaders in all of our services.

Our communication services not only benefit the sender and recipients of emailed messages but we have also given another level of security for all correspondence sent through our system with complete and comprehensive audit trails whilst respecting all PSO'S (Prison Service Orders) and complying with all internal requirements. Email a prisoner has been the single biggest change to prisoner communication since the introduction of telephones some 25 years ago.

Derek says - "Communication is a vital tool in the rehabilitation and resettlement processes. By opening the lines of communication not only do you achieve this but you also help to reduce re-offending as statistical documentation has proven over many years that prisoners are 6 times LESS likely to re-offend if family ties can be maintained. Education is also a necessity. We are only setting-up prisoners to fail if they are not able to gain employment due to a lack of basic education.

Our Email services continue to prove hugely successful and we are about to celebrate our 100,000th customer. At the same time new features and additions are being introduced that will significantly assist all secure establishments in the processing of prisoner communication.

Our email service has now become a vital tool. Not just in opening the lines of communication but also continues to help in the battle to reduce-reoffending by aiding family ties."

Derek continues to lead UTS with a team of five who provide the services for family & friends of prisoners, HM Prison Service, Serco, Sodexo Justice Services, G4S Global plus, Legal and Agency professionals and all concerned in a prisoners' welfare.

Communication is a vital tool and one thing all parties agree upon is that communication does play a major role in the rehabilitation of offenders. We have proved over many years that managed technology can complement the majority of prison requirements and, is adaptable for any circumstance.

We are continually making amendments and improving our services. We have proved additional and new technology can and, does work well specifically, for secure facilities. We are always looking at new ways to improve our service and, at the same time explore new avenues that we believe will help those dealing with persons in custody. Click
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