Secure Payment Services -

Here at Secure Payment Services we hope to take away the hassle, time and effort usually afforded whilst you try to make sure the recipient has some money in their account.

We are a revolutionary new service enabling family and friends to make secure E-payments.

We have removed the need for cheques, postal orders and cash and aided the whole process concerned with prisoners monies. Although these methods are still available none are as fast, secure, cost and time saving as Secure Payment Services.

Without having to step outside you can send money direct the establishment, receive an instant receipt and, sit back and wait for a letter or a call of thanks from the recipient.

The first days of custody can cause all types of anxiety for all concerned. Not being able to communicate either way can also be traumatic. However, there are a few luxuries that can help ease the suffering. Tobacco, stamps, envelopes and a few nibbles can quickly be purchased with funds however the current system of getting funds to a prisoner is slow and they may not arrive for quite some time.

By using Secure Payment Services we can reduce this time by 50% meaning your friend or relative doesn't have to wait days, sometimes weeks before any funds are cleared for use.

You can send money securely to a prisoner, detainee and to secure accommodation establishments via this website, it takes only a few minutes to sign up and, your funds are transferred to the prison electronically.

Our sophisticated systems allow you to enter the amount to be sent, press 'send' and sit back in the knowledge the funds will be delivered safely and securely to the prison of your choice.

From all corners of the World you can now send money to prisoners or detainees operating our service at secure environments. To have this service implemented we simply require your back account and sort code numbers to deposit funds.

Correspondence and Finance Teams - gone are the days of noting down serial numbers or handling cash as well as processing incoming correspondence. Our payment solution enables a complete comprehensive audit trail and we are confident we will add value to current processes. We will work with you to deposit funds and forward the spreadsheet in the format most suitable to you.

We will also gladly put you in touch with establishments already benefitting from this new service.

Implementation of Service - This is very straightforward and the single requirement is for a bank account number and sort code for deposits to be made. We supply all promotional materials and there is nil cost to any establishment.

This service is currently being trailed by the private prison sector. To discuss this service for your establishment further or for additional information please call or email:

 Tel 0333 370 6550 or email